This is where we shine. Having the right music for the right moment, all of our DJs are well versed in all styles and genres of music. Acting as the emcee for the night as well, we can help create the flow and help the progression of your event by making announcements and keeping everyone on point. Helping manage the music and the timeline is a natural part of our service.


Helping create sound solutions for any space using specialized equipment. Whether your event is in a ballroom, conference center, outdoor space, or arena, we can accommodate a multitude of venues with professional sound. We can also achieve the right sound coverage for multiple rooms if the event you are hosting spans into many spaces.


Liven up your party with superior sound and lighting. Let us create the perfect ambience with our professional equipment and savvy. Transform your event with our high-caliber LED lights that can reshape your reception hall with refined or dramatic colors, bringing the night to the next level. Or, bring out the nostalgia and romance with our Edison bulb cafe lights that can add the perfect amount of hue any outdoor space.


About Us

With over 15 years of experience providing entertainment for events, we know that professionalism and customization is paramount. Milwaukee Airwaves strives to make your event memorable, understanding that your needs and preferences come first. Meeting with your DJ to discuss all the details will ensure you get the experience you deserve. Whatever you want your event to be, Milwaukee Airwaves will make it a reality.
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What We Do

Amplify your event with Milwaukee Airwaves! Bring your party to life with quality sound and lighting. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff, we bring your celebration to the next level by combining your musical preferences with our experience to read the crowd and keep the fun flowing.


We add expertise, elegance and energy to create unforgettable events. Please contact us here to schedule an informational meeting to learn how we can amplify your next event.


Get rollin’ by registering and create your unique online profile so I know how to customize your experience

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Our Team

Ramsey Renno

President/Director of Operations

Nick Olla

DJ/PhotoBooth Specialist

Joe Zuba


Alex Raver


Tyler Curran

Co-Owner/Director of Personnel

The key ingredient in any service-industry business is the people. Our staff is personable, professional and devoted to making your event the very best. We truly enjoy music and sharing our passion with you is a privilege. Our staff is a tight-knit group full of life and is always excited to bring that energy to every party. The DJ makes the party, so go with the best. Contact us to set up an informational meeting to get to know your DJ better.

Joe Kern


Steve Moses

DJ & Master of Ceremonies

Steve Glaeser


Kyle Feerick

DJ/Acoustic Musician

Dan Smith


Ben Myers


Friends of Airwaves